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Consultation Responses and Reports

Reports and resources

Diet And Physical Activity Measurement Toolkit

The Foresight project – Tackling Obesities: Future Choices

Why 6g? A summary of the scientific evidence for the salt intake target.

The ‘Healthy Living’ Social Marketing Initative: A review of the evidence

Consultation responses and reports


Scientific consultation on draft SACN Carbohydrates and Health report – June 2014


DEFRA’s consultation on the Bread and Flour Regulations 1998

‘A review of the evidence on the impact of nutritional standards for school food provision in England’ – report for the Department of Education


Department of Health: Consultations on front of pack nutrition labelling and front of pack nutrition information


SACN ‘The influence of maternal, fetal and child nutrition on the development of chronic disease in later life’ Draft Report

FSA Draft recommendations on promotion of lower-fat products including dairy products, fat and saturated fat reductions for meat products, and portion size availabilty for savoury snacks

FSA Provision of calorie labeling at point of choice in catering outlets

Food and Environmant Research Agency Expert Elicitation material-preferences on hypothetical nanotechnology-enabled food products

DCMS Product Placement on Television

SACN Draft Energy Requirements Working Group Draft Report


NICE Prevention of cardiovascular disease

FSA Front of pack (FOP) nutrition labeling for pre-packed foods sold through retail outlets in the UK

SACN Iron and Health

NICE Evidence for weight management in pregnancy

NICE Weight management after childbirth

BBSRC Future directions in research relating to food security

RCOG Diet in Pregnancy

FSA Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Review (pdf)

FSA Nutrition Research Review (pdf)

FSA Advice on Fish Consumption (pdf)

House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee Call for Evidence: Nanotechnologies and Food (pdf)


EU consultation: Towards a Possible European School Fruit Scheme (pdf)

Consensus standards of care for women with obesity in pregnancy (pdf)

Review of the nutrient profiling model (pdf)

FSA Proposal for a new regulation on the provision of food information to consumers (pdf)

Setting of Nutrient Profiles on nutrition and health claims made on food (pdf)

School Food Trust Consultation on code of practice for drinks provided in schools (pdf)


FSA Strategic Plan 2005-2010 Progress Review (pdf)

Consultation on the options to increase folate intakes of young women (pdf)

Consultation on the application of WHO Child Growth Standards in the UK (pdf)

Public Health – Our Priority (pdf)

Consultation: Draft Saturated Fat and Energy Intake Programme (pdf)

European Expert Panel to develop consensus on the competencies and curricula required for effective public health nutrition practice

FSA consultation on The Proposal for a new Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers.


Consultation: Folate and Disease Prevention Draft Report (pdf)

MRC HNR response to the FSA’s consultation on a voluntary front of pack signpost labelling scheme for the UK (pdf)

Consultation of the EU discussion dcoment – labelling: competiveness, consumer information and better regulation for the EU (pdf)

Consultation: Promoting healthy diets and physical activity: a European dimension for the prevention of overweight obesity and chronic diseases (pdf)

School Food Trust: Transforming School Food: Standards for School Food Other Than Lunch (pdf)

NICE consultation: Obesity Guidance (pdf)

Ofcom consultation: Television advertising of food and drink products to children – options for new restrictions (pdf)

Ofcom consultation: Television advertising of food and drink products to children – Statement and further consultation. (pdf)

Nuffield consultation on “Public Health & Ethical Issues” (pdf)

The modern nutrition profession: Consultation on draft standards of proficiency (pdf)

Consultation: A proposed framework for the corporate response to addressing consumer health and obesity (pdf)

EC consultation of maximum and minimum amounts for vitamins and minerals in foodstuffs (pdf)