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NDNS Bioresource

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) Bioresource has been established to facilitate access to valuable resources held within the UK NDNS collection, for the purpose of further health related research in the public interest.

Findings from the NDNS are regularly published through government reports

NDNS data are made publically available via the UK Data Archive (UKDA)

The NDNS Bioresource consists of:

In the future, it is intended that NHS data linkage for NDNS RP participants who have consented to be linked to the NHS Central Register and Cancer Register will be possible.

The NDNS Project Board will also consider applications for add-on studies to be included as part of the core survey.

Access to the NDNS Bioresource is via formal application to the NDNS Bioresource Panel. Applications are invited at any time and are reviewed by the Panel, up to 3 times a year, currently at the end of January, May and September.

The deadline for September 30th 2017 has now been extended to October 31st 2017.