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Access to the NDNS Bioresource

The NDNS Bioresource Panel acts on behalf of the NDNS Project Board and Public Health England (PHE) with the remit to review and approve requests (via formal application) to access the NDNS Bioresource.

The aim of the NDNS Bioresource Panel is to facilitate and encourage access to the NDNS Bioresource for health related research in the public interest. The intention is to maximise use of the this valuable national resource, while ensuring any use is in accordance with the undertaking given to survey participants and terms of consent. The NDNS Bioresource is a finite resource in respect of numbers/volumes of biological samples and participants’ willingness to be involved in future research. Hence requests to access the NDNS Bioresource are carefully assessed against pre-set criteria.

The application form can be requested from PHE: Completed applications and further enquiries should also be submitted to PHE. Prior to completing the application form you are advised to read the NDNS Bioresource Governance document which provides more details, including flow chart and overview of the application and decision process.

Applications for access to the NDNS Bioresource may be submitted at any time but will be held and reviewed at set intervals. The current deadlines for the application assessment intervals are:

  • January 31st
  • May 31st
  • September 30th – for 2017, the deadline has now been extended to October 31st

Once each proposal deadline has passed, the NDNS Bioresource Panel will consider all applications received. The NDNS Bioresource Panel will provide a decision within 3 months from the relevant assessment interval deadline.

Fees will apply (including for sample or data retrieval, data linkage, administrative, logistic costs to facilitate access to data or NDNS RP / DNSIYC participants). These costs will be met by applicants.