MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory

Governance & ethics

Human Participants in Research

Much of the research conducted at MRC EWL is based on observational and intervention studies in living human volunteers. Research participants are generally healthy volunteers but may include NHS patients recruited via hospitals and GP surgeries for specific studies. All work involving human participants is undertaken in accordance with the highest ethical standards laid out in the MRC Guide to Good Research Practice and research ethics series.

MRC EWL research involving human participants may include the collection and/or study of data or tissue (e.g. blood, urine, tissue samples) undertaken directly by MRC EWL staff or students on the MRC EWL premises, and/or by MRC EWL staff or students elsewhere. MRC EWL research projects may also be conducted in collaboration with other research teams, based elsewhere in the UK and overseas, and as such MRC EWL may be involved in analysing data or samples derived from human participants which have been collected by a third party and sent into MRC EWL. Similarly, samples and data collected from volunteers at MRC EWL may also be sent to collaborators or other laboratories for analysis.

All research projects involving human participants (their use or their data) require specific approval from an appropriate research ethics committee.

MRC EWL has a Research Licence under the Human Tissue Act 2004.