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eduroam_trans_200pixeduroam is an international initiative that allows members of educational establishments to gain internet access at other member sites easily, using credentials from their home site in a secure manner. Authentication details (username/password) are configured into the user’s computer and tested at the home site before departure. These details are used automatically at the destination site when the computer discovers the eduroam network is available (usually via a wireless network SSID called ‘eduroam’). eduroam(UK) is part of eduroam.

In order to provide a consistent service for all wireless users and to keep traffic usage levels with acceptable limits, traffic on eduroam is monitored for excessive use. Users with high levels of traffic will be contacted and asked to moderate their usage. Measures will be taken against those who continue to have unacceptable traffic levels.

EWL is a participating organisation in eduroam (UK) and has:

  • home organisation status which allows EWL users who are visiting an institution that is a member of eduroam (including eduroam(UK)) to access the network using their EWL credentials. Instructions for EWL Users.
  • visited organisation status which allows visitors to EWL, from other member institutions, to access the network using the credentials provided by their home institution. Instructions for visitors to EWL.

Useful links: – eduroam – eduroam(UK)


eduroam for EWL Users

How to set up and use eduroam both in EWL and elsewhere

eduroam will provide you with wireless internet access. When you are in EWL your laptop should automatically connect to the EWL_WIFI connection instead of eduroam, this will allow you to browse the network normally and access the file shares etc. Any other devices will connect to eduroam and will allow the same access as visitors (internet access, with no access to the domain).

When you are away from EWL, and at a site that also participates in eduroam, you will be able to connect to their eduroam service using your EWL eduroam credentials. This means you will be able to access most of the services you use when you are connected to the network. If you also have a full VPN account you can use that to let your computer appear as if it were on the EWL network.

Note that when you use eduroam at another organisation you are bound by the MRC Computer Usage, Internet and Email Monitoring Policy, the Janet AUP and the AUP of the organisation you are visiting. Breach of AUP could result in disciplinary procedures.

Before you leave EWL

  • Check whether the institution you are visiting participates in eduroam (UK institutions or elsewhere.)
  • Make sure you have configured, and checked, your system, by contacting IT before you leave. Configuration notes are currently unavailable but are being written for a number of different devices.

eduroam for Visitors

Information about provision of eduroam for use by visitors

EWL offers eduroam using WPA2-AES. The following ports are blocked:

  • TCP: 25 (SMTP), 135-139 (MS RPC), 445 (SMB)
  • UDP: 135-139 (MS RCP), 445 (SMB)

Visitors need to make sure that they arrive with their wireless configuration already set up (or that they can do so by contacting their home institution). Note that you are bound by your home organisation’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), the Janet AUP and our AUP (see below), and that breach of AUP could result in disciplinary procedures at your home site.

MRC Acceptable Use Policy

Colleagues should be aware that use of MRC and EWL systems and equipment is routinely logged and monitored. MRC has the legal right to monitor, access, intercept and/or quarantine any networking or computing resource.

Internet and IT use
Colleagues must not use IT facilities to engage in inappropriate or illegal activity. This includes (but is not limited to) knowingly viewing, storing, processing and/or distributing material or messages that are pornographic in content, that promote or encourage discrimination or intolerance, that is defamatory or libellous, that infringes on data protection or privacy rights of others.

Colleagues are not permitted to:

  • Download or otherwise load obscene or pornographic material onto any MRC computer or hold on or make such material available from any MRC computer
  • Knowingly visit sites that contain obscene, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable materials
  • Use the Internet for any illegal purpose.
  • Publicly post any item on the Internet, on behalf of the MRC, without written permission from a responsible manager and/or the MRC Corporate Affairs Group

These conditions apply to non-MRC owned equipment e.g. laptops, telephones, etc. when connected to the MRC network, for the duration that the equipment is using the MRC network.