MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory

National Survey of Health and Development – ‘1946 Birth Cohort’

NSHD birth cohort 65 years

EWL has a longstanding involvement in the MRC NSHD 1946 birth cohort including historical responsibility for collection, custodianship and interpretation of dietary data collected within in the cohort.

Most recently, EWL contributed to the fifth data assessment (60-64 years, 2008-2011) for provision of nutritional expertise and specific related inputs. Our role included scientific leadership and oversight for dietary assessment including provision of coding and analysis of diet diaries; oversight for blood and urine collection, analysis for a variety of biomarkers of nutritional status and organ health (carried out by EWL and others), creation of a sample repository; management and responsibility for dietary and clinical datasets; and clinical reporting of blood results in conjunction with the NSHD Clinical Lead.

Following completion of the 60-64y data collection, the dietary and clinic data were transferred to MRC LHA for archiving along with other dietary variables collected over the lifetime of the 1946 cohort study in the NSHD data repository (SWIFT). Data and information are made available to bone fide researchers via the meta-data repository and SWIFT-NSHD archive in accordance with MRC data sharing objectives.

A full list of scientific publications (including those involving EWL) from the NSHD cohort are available on the NSHD website.