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Welcome to the volunteer’s page, please use the links below to view further information about the volunteer facilities at the MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory.

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Much of the research conducted at MRC EWL is based on observational and intervention studies in human volunteers in our state-of-the-art volunteer suit. Within our volunteer suite we have a comfortable lounge and dining area for our volunteers to relax in through the course of the study. We operate a facility maintained to a high standard for our scientists with provision of a fully equipped diet kitchen for food preparation.

Within the volunteer suite we have fully equipped areas for measurements that allow us to measure participant’s bone and body composition using the DXA (bone scanner), Tanita equipment (measures fat and lean tissue) and pQCT (produces an image of a slice of the forearm or leg). The volunteer suite also has a range of equipment for measuring vascular and endothelial function; this allows us to assess a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Volunteers participating in studies that involve medical procedures such as blood or tissue sampling or intravenous glucose tolerance tests will use the volunteer suite procedure room which is managed by trained medical staff and members of the research teams.